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LAX Getting One of Those Detached Concourses in the Middle of the Airfield

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The Los Angeles City Council have approved a contract to begin work on a new midfield satellite concourse at LAX. Sounds thrilling, right? Well, satellite concourses typically get a bad rap from the frequent flyer; they're usually far-flung and dimly-lit shacks far removed from most of the airport's amenities, connected only by an overcrowded and inconvenient bus ride (LAX actually has one already that's occasionally used for international flights). The facilities are usually built to accommodate rapidly expanding passenger loads, or in this case to accommodate renovations elsewhere with minimal disruption to the airport's ever-increasing activity. But, fortunately, LAX's new midfield concourse will not include bus rides or low, claustrophobic ceilings.

The new midfield concourse will be "in the central area of the airfield, west of Tom Bradley International Terminal," according to LAX's website on the project, and be five stories tall with 11 gates capable of accommodating the girthy A380 airplane. The structure's levels will be divided into a basement, a ground level, a concourse level with the gates, a secure corridor level, and an upper observation level. And it will have an underground walkway, eliminating the need for bus rides.

Construction will cost $961 million and is expected to be completed by 2020. According to the LA Daily News, the midfield concourse contract accounts for a full quarter of the huge LAX modernization plan.
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