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Run-Down Punk Rock Royalty House Asking $799k in Del Rey

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This Del Rey three-bedroom looks pretty tame considering it was once home to Arianna/Ariane Forster, better known as Ari Up, one of the founders of the formidable all-female punk band The Slits, which rose to popularity in the late 1970s and whose influence on punk music can be heard and felt to this day. Forster died in 2010 "after a serious illness," according to a post on the website of her stepfather, John Lydon, aka Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten. Her name (written as Ariane) and the name of her mother, Nora Forster, are still listed as the house's owners on public records at Propertyshark.

The listing for the 1,250-square-foot house, built in 1944, shows only one photo, but assures potential buyers of the hardwood floors, "unique split-level master bedroom," and great potential within. There's also a "large yard area." Asking price is $799,000, with the property being "sold 100% as-is."
· 3952 Tivoli Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90066 [Redfin]
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