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Fancifying Westchester Seems Cool With Solar Farm By the 405

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In the past, the Westchester neighborhood council has vetoed proposal to put 27 houses or a public storage facility on a slim strip of land between a row of backyards and the 405 Freeway, bordered by La Tijera and La Cienega, but now it might be warming to a plan to put a new solar farm on the property. According to the Daily Breeze, the neighborhood council was "neutral to warm" on the idea of the project when it was presented back in December, and will be hearing a formal talk about it today from Mirasol Development LLC, the *Los-Angeles-based developer that's overseeing the project. The housing and storage options were scuttled for potentially generating too much traffic; also, the land is so narrow, many worried about how emergency services might access it in case of, well, an emergency.

The council had given the green light to putting six houses on the land, but the property co-owner felt it was too few houses for s much space. The farm would have about 50 solar panels mounted on 14-foot-tall poles. The panels would rotate 120 degrees each day, to track the sun.

Westchester housing prices have been rising swiftly and new construction is on the upswing as wealthy buyers spill over from neighboring Silicon Beach areas.
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