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Inglewood is Los Angeles's 2014 Neighborhood of the Year

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Congratulations to Inglewood, the winner of the 2014 Curbed Cup and Los Angeles's newest Neighborhood of the Year, beating out Bunker Hill, the powerful Arts District, Los Feliz, and finally South Park in the race for the shiny golden jpeg. Last year dawned with the reopening of the renovated and more-fabulous-than-ever Inglewood Forum, now run by the people who manage Madison Square Garden, and it's already the most successful large venue in Los Angeles by a huge margin, hosting nearly a third of all the arena shows in the region last year. Meanwhile, work began on the Crenshaw Line, which will have two stops in the city, and Inglewood's mayor landed a powerful seat on the Metro board, replacing Santa Monica's mayor in a significant geographic shift. There's lots of new development on the way in the city too, and it's a favored for a new NFL stadium, but for now, relatively low housing prices mean artists and other interesting people can still afford to live there. Rock on, Inglewood.

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