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West Hollywood is Starting the Genderless Restroom Revolution

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The small-bladdered and impatient have long ignored the gender-specific signs on single-stall restrooms in businesses and restaurants, along with the judgy looks of restroom-sign-policing jerks, but now all who've gotta go in West Hollywood can, by law, feel comfortable using whichever bathroom opens up first. FINALLY, some common sense in bathroom labeling: a new law in the city requires all existing and future single-stall restrooms in businesses and public spaces to be gender neutral, says Wehoville.

Businesses have 60 days to switch their restroom signs; the law doesn't apply to restrooms with multiple stalls. The new law is aimed at making all restrooms more accessible and accommodating to transgendered people and non-gender-conforming folk, as well as people with disabilities and parents with kids of a different gender. The ordinance was approved in June, but goes into effect this month; it's the first of its kind in California, though there are similar laws in DC and Philadelphia.
· Lower That Toilet Seat! WeHo's Gender-Neutral Restroom Law Goes Into Effect [Wehoville]