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Inside the Housewarming Party For the Most Expensive House Ever Sold in Beverly Hills

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You know what, we're glad Beyoncé and Jay-Z lost the bidding war for the most bonkers spec megamansion in Beverly Hills to Markus Persson, aka Notch, the guy who created Minecraft, because now we can keep looking at new photos of its candy room and car showroom forever. Notch is not trying to keep his privacy or air of mystery or whatever and so now we have photos of the ragin' (kinda!) housewarming party at the highest-priced house ever sold in Beverly Hills (Persson paid $70 million last month). There were Transformers and miniature Transformers, there was yellow slime, there was Selena Gomez, who we guess is dating some EDM guy. Ok, we're lying, we're heartbroken there will never be an Instagram of Blue Ivy sampling the Skittles. Heartbroken. Selena Gomez?? Who cares???

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