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A Plan to Make Los Angeles's Oldest Freeway Less Terrifying

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The hairpin exits and abrupt onramps of the historic Arroyo Seco Parkway, that part of the 110 Freeway that runs north of Downtown, are collectively one of the scariest things about driving in Los Angeles. The 1940 freeway was the first in the western US and built for 27,000 cars a day moving at 1940 speeds; today it sees 122,000 cars a day (traveling at 2015 speeds). Rather than just accepting this fate, residents who live in areas adjacent to the freeway and the offending ramps have banded together to try and gather support for an idea (previously introduced by Caltrans) that would reserve the right lanes on both sides of the freeway just for drivers exiting or entering the parkway, says Eastsider LA.

The two concerned Mt. Washington residents have collected 400 signatures on an online petition that begs for something to be done about the exit at Avenue 43; the 2012 Caltrans report their idea is based on went further, suggesting the on/off-only lanes be adopted from Orange Grove (the northernmost point of the freeway) down to Avenue 43. Serendipitously, a Caltrans rep says that the agency is already looking into possibly having exclusive on/off lanes at those entrances/exits during peak hours. The report's supposed to be finished within the next month or two.
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