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Huge Cornfield Park Makeover Won't Be Ready Until November

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Los Angeles State Historic Park (aka the Cornfield) has been closed since last April for a massive makeover and expansion that will bring on-site parking and bathrooms, plus wetlands and dedicated space for a farmer's market to the popular public park. The whole process was supposed to wrap in about a year, but now the reopening's been kicked back to November 2015, says the Downtown News, as a result of contaminants found on the land, and a surprise excavation of part of a brick building that no one even knew was there (they found lots of cool old stuff from the time when the land was a Southern Pacific railyard).

The toxic materials—heavy metals "found in several layers of underground ash"—were decades-old byproducts of the trains that traveled through the park in the middle of the last century. Despite the setbacks, the project has remained on budget (at $20 million) and many parts have already been completed, including a pedestrian bridge and the grading for the two future acres of wetlands.
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