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First Look at the Arts District's Fancy First Shopping Center

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Five warehouses at Palmetto and Mateo in the Arts District will give way to an open-air shopping center as the neighborhood marches along to total fancification, but as open-air malls go, this one's looking less Grovey and more like Old Town Pasadena. Wood, concrete, and repurposed brick will be the overarching design elements of At Mateo, as the approximately 130,000-square-foot shopping complex is called on its official site, sent to us by a friendly tipster. Renderings show brick-faced little warehouses with tons of industrial-chic windows up front, walkways and paseos with plenty of seating, and outdoor dining—an overall classy experience that recreates the Arts District right in the middle of the Arts District.

Created to fit into "a neighborhood as electrifying and gritty as New York in the '70s" but much cleaner, and with more places to get cold-pressed juice and fewer places to get murdered, the handsome mall will bring "artisan eateries and drinking establishments, fashion-forward retailers and local services," plus a parking garage with space for about 400 cars. The website says that the shopping center "will become the social epicenter of the Arts District" when it opens in the fall of 2016.

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