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Five Great Houses to Rent In and Around West Adams Right Now

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A few months back, LA Weekly came up with a list of 10 Los Angeles neighborhoods that are the most desirable and affordable for renting single-family houses. West Adams and neighboring Jefferson Park both made the top five, so we've decided to take a look at those two neighborhoods and their environs for some good-looking houses renting at relatively affordable rates—there aren't a ton of houses for rent right now in the area, so perhaps they're getting snapped up quickly? LAW noted back in November that the West Adams median rent was $2,270 and Jefferson Park's was $2,155, but warned that, like rents across Los Angeles, they were both on the rise. When we checked out the area, we found that a couple houses around the median, a couple above, and one significantly below. Here they are:

3521 5th Avenue
Those looking for that Craftsman experience should move on. This three-bedroom, two-bathroom house might look like it's holding a treasure trove of beautiful wood built-ins and worn natural wood inside, but recent listing photos show it's been totally overhauled and modernized to include new granite countertops, an open kitchen, and all new appliances in the kitchen. The master bedroom is totally new, as is its bathroom. Rent is $3,000, which isn't so bad if you've got two roommates.

Redondo Boulevard
Two bedrooms, one bathroom, new countertops and cabinets in the kitchen, a washer/dryer and a dishwasher (also new), and a two-car garage await at this adorable corner house. The landlords allow small pets with a deposit, but the regular rent is $2,100.

3616 Cimarron St.
Just south of Jefferson, this cozy, 888-square-foot two-bedroom was recently remodeled and has one detached garage for its tenants to use. Both dogs and cats are allowed (the property manager's listing curiously adds that "exotic animal restrictions apply" here), but there's not much more information than that. The only downside is that there doesn't appear to be air conditioning, but there are ceiling fans in most of the rooms. Rent is $1,675.

2418 9th Avenue
Lots of original hardware and molding in this 1920s-era cottage. It's just 1,500 square feet, but it has three bedrooms, one-and-a-half bathrooms, and a cute backyard with a shade from a large tree. The full dining room, washer/dryer, and lots of storage sweeten the deal. Rent is $2,795 and they will consider small pets.

3525 S 8th Avenue
They're painting right now! This lovely little bungalow has three bedrooms, a breakfast room that could become an office, and a master suite that opens onto the backyard. Both of the bathrooms are full baths, and the landlord pays for a gardener. Rent is $2,150.
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