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Can Stylish Apartments Liven Up Sunset Near Dodger Stadium?

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The stretch of Sunset around Sunset and Elysian Park Avenue doesn't get much foot traffic on non-Dodger-game days (with the exception of super-popular restaurant Guisados to the south), but perhaps a little housing can liven things up a bit. The 27-unit apartment complex headed for a vacant lot near Shepard Fairey's studio at Sunset and Elysian Park Avenue is looking to "raise the bar" for the whole stretch of Sunset, project architect Warren Techentin tells Curbed. The Elysian Fields project, first seen on Eastsider LA, will have two-story apartments ranging from 600 square feet to 1,200 square feet (but no retail).

Techentin—who's also a member of Sunset Space Provision, the LA-based group developing the apartments—says that the shimmery metal screen over the west-facing facade is intended to mitigate the pounding sun for residents who live behind it and that the building will also eventually incorporate a mural along the Sunset Boulevard-facing side (where you see the black-and-white static pattern in the renderings). It could be the metal shades or just the smaller scale, but the design is definitely a lot more exciting-looking than the one for nearby monolith Sunset Gateway.

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