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10 Dogs Enjoying the Freshly Reopened Arts District Dog Park

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Pups in the Arts District are rejoicing: the AD Dog Park is once again free and open to the public after several agonizing months as a members-only operation. There was a grand reopening this past Saturday (where a new mural by artist Septerhed debuted), reports the Downtown News, and from the looks of it, the park got lots of use over its opening weekend. From Councilmember Jose Huizar's French Bulldog Beau to a very patient terrier mix, we've captured the best dog shots from the weekend.

Back in April, the Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association locked the gate at the AD Dog Park and began asking users to buy a $60 key to help offset costs of more than $4,000 a year that fell to the group after the previous operator, the Arts District Business Improvement District, was dissolved. The four-year-old park had been free up to that point, and locals felt it should stay that way—neighbors pledged $13,500 with the caveat that the dog park be open and free for everyone. So at the reopened park, there's still a lock on the gate, but only to enforce park hours: 5 am to 11 pm. Now, with business out of the way, here are the dogs:

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Arts District Dog Park

1004 E. Fourth St., Los Angeles, CA