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Highland Park Gasps at Proposal For $500k Townhouses

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Sure, York Boulevard's got all the new eateries and fancy shops, but Figueroa, the other main drag in Highland Park, has not been forgotten by developers eager to cash in on the neighborhood's hotness. Eastsider LA reports that plans for the upper-crust townhouses—expected to cost about $500,000 each—"trigger[ed] audible gasps" from the audience at the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council last week. York has already been hit with a proposal for four $500,000 condos, but this development, on residential Echo Street, just off Avenue 52 and Figueroa, will be a bit more extensive, with 24 townhouses. They should be between 1,500 and 2,000 square feet and each come with an attached garage.

Santa-Clarita-based developer Williams Homes are the same people who recently built Park 9, a cluster of little $800,000 houses further up Figueroa near Highland Park's border with Eagle Rock.

The Figueroa development is still in the early stages; Williams hasn't even finished buying the site (they expect to close early next year). The neighborhood council has requested an extensive environmental impact review process.
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