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Mapping Northeast Valley's Bike Shops, Taco Spots, and More

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While some in Pacoima are trying to get a Culver-City-style revival going along the neighborhood's main drag, others are trying to point out all the community has going for it already (along with areas for improvement). Reader Carlos Hernandez writes, "I started this a couple of years ago with a local youth group called Young Warriors. The asset map shows the good, bad, and the funky aspects of the NE San Fernando Valley and is also a historical piece of work, acting as a snapshot of what was there during 2012-2013." The resulting colorful map shows landmarks and details of the Northeast Valley (Sylmar, Pacoima, Arleta, San Fernando, Mission Hills) that are important to the map's creators: libraries, horsebacking riding, bike shops (plus bike lanes and alternative routes), and boxing gyms. Also included: taco spots, because after all that exercise, you're going to need some food.

When downloaded, the two-sided map measures 24 by 20 inches. And with the prospect of so many CicLAvias and other open streets events coming to the Valley (one every spring, with different routes each time!), this map will probably come in handy.

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