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Here's the Latest Staples-Inspired Look For 1200 Fig Towers

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From the renderings we've seen so far, so many of South Park's new towers are shaping up to be all angular and pointy, but the dual-towers of 1200 Fig showed off something a little different earlier this year, with a softer, curvier design. Newly tweaked renderings (via Building LA) show they're staying round but adding new "horizontal window patterns" and the removing some earlier design elements to leave the exterior looking sleeker. "The design is partly inspired by the swooping architecture of Staples Center and is meant to complement L.A. Live," principal and design leader Daniel Benjamin sayson the Harley Ellis Deveraux site, which also points out the building's new "Sleek, gill-like façade protrusions."

The development, from a big group of investors, will have 648 "high-end" condos, 50,000 square feet of retail on the ground level, and oh-so-much parking on eight levels (two underground) that'll be shaded from public view by a wraparound LED screen like the one at the double Marriott nearby. The project's expected to break ground later this year.

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