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Gentrification Bringing Sleek New Architecture to York Blvd.

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There will be more squat charm with a sleek contemporary look on Highland Park's York Boulevard: a Loopnet listing advertises a new, one-story, 3,500-square-foot retail development between Avenues 51 and 52, and shows some renderings of slim people enjoying a glassy cafe/restaurant. (There are also descriptions of this area as a "vibrant and rapidly gentrifying urban area," a quote from an unnamed Conde Nast publication declaring Highland Park a "great alternative to Silver Lake," and a reference to a proposed 45-unit development more than two miles away.) Montalba Architects says the space will accommodate two tenants, with a facade made of "permeated metal mesh membrane." Highland Park is seeing lots of changes lately, from an adorable new park to a devastatingly hideous Starbucks to a fancy condo building.

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