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Real Estate Santa Loves You and He Brought You This Trio of Craftsman Bungalows in Los Feliz

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Hey, remember that itty-bitty bungalow on a walk street in Elysian Heights that was asking $449,00 back in June? (Its listing kicked off thusly: "Aug. 15th, 1999 NYC is where my life truly began. That's when and where I met the love of my life and the mother of my children.") As of yesterday, the 360-square-foot cottage closed sale at exactly its listing price, so congratulations to the new owners, the sellers, and to broker-poet Richard Wilkinson, who's now touting a new listing—a compound with three Craftsman bungalows in the flats of Los Feliz. Take it away, Richard:

"Ever heard opportunity knock? Well, if you haven't, now you can say you know what it looks like. Because it looks exactly like 4423, 4427 & 4429 Clayton. This is that special gift you asked the Real Estate Santa for so long ago & when it didn't happen, you stopped believing. Well, Real Estate Santa loves you & he's given you this: 2 adorable, yet separate CA Bungalows on 1 lot & right next door, he's given you another CA Bungalow! That's right, 3 homes right next door to each other, on 2 lots totaling 13,566 sqft. What will you do with this gift? Will you live in 1 unit, rent out the others & let them pay your mortgage? Or will you rent them all out & let the cash-flow wash over you like a cool mountain stream? Or will you put on your Developer-Hat & take this baby around the block & really see what's possible on this well over a quarter of an acre of prime LA real estate? Real Estate Santa believes in you, now believe in him. IMPORTANT: $2.1mm is the price for 4423,4427 & 4429 Clayton."

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