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Angelenos Are Moving to the OC More Than Anyone is Moving to Any Other County

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New Census estimates from 2008 to 2012 show that Americans seem to be moving toward areas of lower density, where there are more job opportunities, and where the housing costs are lower, and in Los Angeles County, they don't have to go too far for that, says Trulia, which crunched the data. Throughout the US, nearly half of all between-county moves were less than 100 miles, and 38 percent of those were to places less than 50 miles away. LA County lost 40,760 residents to the OC, 38,495 to San Bernardino County, and 25,575 to Riverside between 2008 and 2012. Those are the first, second, and fourth highest inter-county migrations in the US.

Where else are Angelenos fleeing to? During those years, 9,973 people moved to Las Vegas; 5,451 moved to New York, though 8,467 left NYC for LA. We also have about three people moving to Houston for every one person that moves here. But all of that is still fairly small-time compared to the between-county movement within SoCal.

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