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Mapping Every LA Neighborhood's Favorite Dog Name

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We've seen maps of Los Angeles's cats sourced from people's pictures, but this map of LA's dogs is based on a bit more official data: KCRW has used licensing records to create a detailed, interactive map showing which breeds and names are most popular among LA-area dogs. Some of the organizations in charge of that info declined to share, so the map's not entirely complete, but then again, not all the dogs in LA County are licensed, so we're not quite seeing the entire picture anyway—still, it should give us a solid idea about the dogs of LA. In the end, information on a whopping 416,338 dogs went into the mapmaking process, which reveals that LA is full of chihuahuas who are likely to be named Max or Bella. What else have we learned? Southeast LA thinks its dogs are royalty, Downtown is alone in its status as a Lola zone, weird little Vernon loves a good old-fashioned Sparky, and the posh Lucys of Los Feliz transform into Luckys when they cross the 5. See the whole map this way:

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