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Inside the Extreme Makeover at Downtown's Rosslyn Hotel

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The Historic Core's Rosslyn Hotel annex (across the street from the Rosslyn Lofts) will officially open in January as the Rosslyn Hotel Apartments, which will offer single-room occupancy apartments to transitioning homeless people (in addition to market-rate and low-income units for their respective demos). Seventy-five formerly homeless veterans are already in the process of moving in, reports the LA Times, and by the new year, 264 new residents will be set up in their renovated apartments. The annex was built in 1923 and designed by John Parkinson, who's also responsible for City Hall and the Bullocks Wilshire building; the nonprofit SRO Housing Corporation bought the 1923 annex in 2010 and has been making renovations, but it does not look like fixing the units up was easy.

The improvements made to the rooms at the Rosslyn were drastic: "before" photos from SRO Housing Corporation show the small rooms (approximately 300 square feet) were depressingly dirty, moldy, and decrepit. Now, they're pristine and homey; take a look:

· Downtown's Historic Rosslyn Hotel Becoming Homeless Housing [Curbed LA]