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Journey Into the Griffith Park Quarry That Became the Batcave

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The caves of Bronson Canyon are famous for their role as the original Batcave, they've been featured in innumerable B-horror, science fiction, and Western flicks. Tom Carroll, intrepid Los Angeles explorer and host of the web series Tom Explores Los Angeles has taken to the Griffith Park canyon in his latest episode to deliver an on-site history lesson, complete with footage of some of the canyon's starring roles. As Tom recounts on KPCC, the location began its life as a quarry, supplying 2,000 tons of granite to Los Angeles; it closed during the Great Depression and was eventually reborn as a movie set—filmmakers loved that the barren terrain of the former quarry offered "craggy walls and [a] desolate canyon" that looked nothing like the rest of LA.

· Tom Explores LA [Curbed LA]