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LA County Cracking Down on Illegal, Pooping Beach Dogs

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If you've been getting away with letting your dog (or horse) romp and dump on Los Angeles County beaches (where they are not legally allowed), beware: a crackdown is on its way. KPCC reports that a 12-person "code enforcement task force" will soon be prowling the beaches looking for dog owners who flaunt the law. The effort to stem violations comes in the hopes of preventing high bacteria levels in the water: "One extra dog poo can be what causes an exceedance - tips you over the edge" and leads to a fine for the county, explains one Beach Commissioner.

Right now the only people enforcing the no-dog rule are lifeguards, who can only give dog owners a verbal warning. Owners often respond "by claiming their pet is service dog," according to the county's chief lifeguard, and even if the dog is clearly not, that's the end of what they can do in that situation. Soon those infractions will fall under the jurisdiction of the task force, which is also out to cite unlicensed summer and surf camps.
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