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Reese Witherspoon Gives You a Tour of Her Brentwood Mansion

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Reese Witherspoon thinks her Election character, the notorious Tracy Flick, would be running the Tea Party today, but we're pretty sure she'd actually be wildly successful, living in a handsome mansion and presenting a charming, rollerblading-and-Bad-Grandpa-loving face to the world while occasionally getting caught on tape drunkenly slamming the "do you know who I am" card on the table. We've all seen the video of that last part; now here's footage of the first part. Witherspoon has given Vogue's 73 Questions series a tour around her Brentwood mansion, which is up for sale right now for $10.5 million, showing off her cheerleading moves on the sweet sunken trampoline and revealing that if she weren't a movie star, she'd be a pediatric cardiologist, which is totally not an answer Flick would definitely give. Witherspoon and agent husband Jim Toth recently picked up a new place in Pacific Palisades.

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