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Garish 1980s Citadel in the Hills of Glendale is Yours For $2MM

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By the power of Greyskull! You may want to take an extra-deep breath before proceeding, 'cause it's probably about to be taken away. Built at the dawn of the go-go '80s, this singular abode sits atop its own promontory in Glendale's College Hills neighborhood. Behind the elaborately carved walls of the "custom neoclassical estate," you'll find six bedrooms, four glittery-disco baths, an art gallery, several quarries worth of marble, and columns, columns, and more columns. Per the listing, the 4,444-square-foot house also boasts "historical statues and carvings throughout," a sauna, a swimming pool, and "forever views." The .57-acre property has yo-yo-ed on and off the market regularly for the past decade, asking as much as $9 million. But the seller now appears to be getting serious, re-listing it this week with a pricetag of $1.995 million.

­ 950 AVON OAK Terrace [Redfin]