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Hawthorne Mayor Evicted for Not Paying Rent to "Slumlord"

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Hawthorne mayor Chris Brown has been evicted from an apartment he says is owned by "slumlords," reports the Daily Breeze. Despite his claims that his rented townhouse was in disrepair ("one working bathroom in a three-bathroom town home"), a judge has also ordered him to pay three month's back-rent to the landlord, KIG Properties. Brown says he asked repeatedly to have his pipes fixed, but nothing was ever repaired, so in May he stopped paying his $2,350 rent. "My response was: 'Go ahead and sue me, I'm not going to allow you to treat me that way.'" The property manager—oddly, a former mayor of Hawthorne—says nothing was wrong with the apartment, but Hawthorne's city manager says he's received complaints from other tenants of the property that include "plumbing problems, rodents and vermin". Isn't there a nicer place in Hawthorne where the mayor could live for $2,350?
· Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown evicted from apartment, calls owner 'slumlord' [DB]