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14 Craziest Photos and Videos From Today's Sunset Strip Flood

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So this is just how we live now: every couple months or so, a giant water main breaks and floods Sunset Boulevard and totally fucks everyone's commute and causes who knows how much damage. July's big Sunset Flood was by UCLA in Westwood; today's was on the world famous Sunset Strip. At 2:18 pm today, a 36-inch pipe at Sunset and Olive—between the Mondrian, the Comedy Store, and the House of Blues—burst spectacularly, gushing water down Sunset and along side streets. According to an LADWP release issued this afternoon, "The shutdown operation of the pipeline is complex and is estimated to involve approximately 15 valves that have to be hand-turned in a coordinated manner." That seems to have finally been taken care of around 6 pm, according to the LADWP's Twitter. The agency suspects that the pipe involved was installed in 1916 and cement-lined in 1957 to extend its life; most of LA's pipes are about a hundred years old and there's only enough money to replace them every 300 years, so yeah, this is just how we live now. Anyway, at least we can enjoy many crazy photos and videos of the water-main-break madness:

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