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Long, Lean "Wedge" at Miracle Mile Intersection Asks $1.2MM

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Drivers passing by this "104-foot long wedge" at the eastern edge of Miracle Mile have probably noticed the fantastic metal wall that curves to create the house's roof and carport and no doubt wondered what's inside. Here's a peek: The two-bedroom house claims to have no interior doors, though it does have "two floating cores for storage and bathrooms" (bathrooms with no doors?!). Connecting the interior to the outside world is the 18-foot-long window wrapping around the house, "transform[ing] traffic into a continuously changing cinematic event," which is a nice, positive spin on the property's location at the busy intersection of Olympic Boulevard and South Highland Avenue. Built by Linda Pollari and Robert Somol of PXS Architects, the unique structure is on the market for $1.2 million.

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