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WeHo Cannot Make Up Its Mind About ICM Building Mixed-User

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The ever-controversial, office-to-condo conversion project at 8899 Beverly (aka the handsome mid-century ICM Building) just can't get a break. The West Hollywood City Council is still holding the project in a limbo, WeHoville reports, even after developers tried to sweeten the deal late last week by tacking on a last-minute goodie bag to the project's ever-fluctuating number of condos, townhouses, and affordable apartments. Among millions of dollars for affordable housing and other benefits for WeHo, the package also included a park worth $1 million on Bonner Drive (near Robertson and Beverly) and $200,000 more for landscaping around the project.

But most of WeHo's councilmembers were unmoved and unimpressed. "I'm troubled about what looks like a lot of self-serving public benefits than real public benefits," one councilmember said at a meeting about the project last night. In the end, the council voted to see if the project could be made smaller and to analyze the so-called public benefit of the last-minute bonuses before making any final decisions. And so this process drags on some more...
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