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BREAKING: Tallest Hotel in the West Will Be an InterContinental

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Developers announced today that the 900-room hotel in the Financial District's under-construction Wilshire Grand—which will be the tallest building in the West when it's finished in 2017—will be run by InterContinental Hotels Group, a company best known for Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza. Introducing: the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown. Snoooooze. The hotel will be a member of the group's luxury brand, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, and hold at least a four-star rank. Hanjin and Korean Air are developing/building the 73-story building, which will also have office and retail space on its lower floors; they started dismantling the old 1952 Wilshire Grand about two years ago.

The hotel will have a sky-lobby on the seventieth floor, a super-high rooftop pool, and a design that "will reflect the four ecological typologies of Los Angeles while also embracing the laid-back sophistication of the city," according to a press release. That means "natural wood and warm colors in the building will reflect the city's beach culture while the hotel's sky lobby will incorporate Los Angeles' car culture into the design through abstract representations of car lines into the internal paneling and decor."

Car culture decor, whatever, can we still call this place the Wilshire Grand? A rep for Hanjin tells the LA Times they'll still call it that "for the near future, at least."

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