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Frank Lloyd Wrightish House of Extreme Weirdness Asks $5MM

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We couldn't possibly and wouldn't dare argue with the listing's insistence that this house has "Unique Architectural design in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright." Same for its claim that the house "was built with traditional Feng Shui flow of atmosphere in mind." Actually, we won't argue with anything having to do with anything with this listing. This is the kind of place it's just best to back away from slowly while nodding politely and maintaining a calm but non-committal smile. But if you dig crazy and have always thought that Frank Lloyd Wright's textile block houses would look better rendered in stucco, 1980s tile, and disorienting wallpaper, you should look into this five-bedroom house in Diamond Bar's gated The Country. It comes with an art gallery/museum, cabana with three-quarters bathroom, a wine cellar, a conversation pit, and a "Deep Garage." Ok, yes, Deep Garage, sounds great, super cool, wonderful, love it, $4.9 million, good luck, gotta go now!

· 23615 Falcons View Dr [Redfin]