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Comedian Hannibal Buress and His Landlord Are Both Terrible

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Hannibal Buress, the super-funny comedian who co-stars on super-funny Broad City and The Eric Andre Show (and stars in this brilliant episode of High Maintenance), appeared on Conan last week to bring us the latest Crazy Landlord Story Where Everyone Ends Up Looking Like an Asshole (a rich genre). Earlier this year, Buress rented a place in the Valley with its own grotto; obviously, grotto equals party, but his landlord had outlawed parties, so he politely waited until she went out of town. However, the place was rigged up with a live-streaming surveillance system. What followed were dogs jumping in pools, nasty texts, fake feng shui, rent paid in pennies, and generally just a lot of uncool behavior from both parties. Watch here:

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