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U2's The Edge Could Be Allowed to Build Five-Mansion Clifftop Compound in Malibu

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One thing we know about U2 in 2014 is that they do not care what anyone else wants. They do not care if you want their album, they are going to make you have it, and guitarist The Edge does not care if you want his mansion development on your untouched coastal land, he is going to do whatever it takes to build it. The Edge, aka David Evans, has been trying to build five "eco-friendly" houses—including one for himself—off of Sweetwater Mesa Road in the Santa Monica Mountains since 2006 and, after years of kinda-shady machinations, has gotten the support of the California Coastal Commission staff (they've recommended the CCC approve the project at its meeting in early October, with a few changes).

The Edge submitted plans for the five houses separately, under separate names, which CCC staff originally took as an attempt to skirt environmental rules, according to the LA Times. They also found that the project "would scar a steep, undeveloped ridgeline visible from much of the coastline, cause extensive geological disturbance and destroy environmentally sensitive native vegetation." A few months later, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy suddenly switched their stance on the development from con to neutral after The Edge gave them $750,000 in cash, $250,000 worth of work by a consultant, and 97 acres of land for conservation. Then, in 2012, The Edge's "extensive team" started lobbying for a pro-development, anti-environment state bill that would've helped clear the way for the project. After passing the Assembly, it was rejected by the Senate.

Finally The Edge tried just making the plans more acceptable. Following a year of negotiations with the CCC, the path has been clearcut for a modified version of the 151-acre development; the size has been slightly reduced and plans call for less grading of the hillside; some of the houses are also shorter and together they'll be placed lower on the ridge, so they won't be as visible from below. The five houses range from 8,786 to 14,980 square feet and would be accompanied by a new 20-foot-wide access road.

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