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Watch Highland Parkers of All Kinds Explain the Changing 'Hood

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What do Highland Park residents think about the constantly changing Highland Park? Antioch City Church, which is based in the neighborhood, asked a variety of "community members" that very question as they walked along the very hip York Boulevard (ground zero of the gentrification/upscale-ification of the 'hood) during three Northeast LA Art Walks recently. While you might expect art walks to attract one certain kind of attendee, the crowd in the video is diverse—young, old, male, female, and all races. Equally diverse are their ideas about Highland Park: Being put on the spot to define your neighborhood is challenging, but the range responses both confirm the terrifying stereotypes ("Highland Park is where all my friends who can't afford Silver Lake are moving!") and capture the fact that this is a neighborhood and community that's trying to adapt to quick changes while still remaining a place that people can comfortably call home. Antioch will be doing a Figueroa shoot next.

Highland Park Is YORK from Antioch City Church on Vimeo.

· Highland Park is YORK [Vimeo]