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Six-Story Mixed-Use "Tower" Headed to the River in Reseda

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Taking advantage of some increasingly desirable, ever-revitalizing riverfront real estate is this glassy new mixed-user, slated to replace a Reseda auto shop with 254 one-, two-, and three-bedroom units, plus around 7,700 square feet of retail space at the street level. Building LA has images of WaterMark, the six-story building headed for a 2.5 acre parcel at Reseda Boulevard and Kittridge Street (where Reseda meets the LA River). Developed by LA-based company Metric Holdings Corporation and designed by The Albert Group Architects, the mixed-user includes a "glass-clad" tower to serve as a beacon to draw those traveling the river path toward the building's shops; green space and bike parking along the site's southern edge and eastern face are also meant to draw in shoppers.

Updated 9/26: As a rep for the Army Corps of Engineers points out to us in an email, one of these renderings was an altered version of an image from their report on the restoration of the LA River, which does not cover an area anywhere close to this project. We've removed the image.
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