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RPV Cemetery Can't Bury People Eight Feet From Condos

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The trouble just keeps coming for the Rancho Palos Verdes cemetery that was holding funerals on the roof of a mausoleum just a few feet from a neighboring condo development. ("We're sitting there eating brunch on the weekends and we have people right outside our window crying their eyes out.") Green Hills Memorial Park has been told to stop burials on a portion of its grounds (including one row of the rooftop burial area) not because they're noisy or weird, but because the locations, as little as eight feet from the neighbors, are too close to a residential area, reports the Daily Breeze. (A neighbor discovered the violations with his very own tape measure.)

The warning came in the form of a cease-and-desist letter that was sent after the cemetery buried 13 people in a section that wasn't far enough away from homes (a violation of its conditional use permit). Green Hills has admitted a mistake was made and intends to stop burying people in the specified areas—for the most part. Unfortunately, there's a little complication in the form of six "companion spaces" in the offending areas. These six spaces, designed for two, already have one person interred, and the cemetery says the already-buried people have a legal right to be joined by their loved one, especially because that's what they've paid for.

Meanwhile, RPV is going to be doing a new review of the cemetery's conditional use permit.
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