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See the Scary-Looking Future For Magic Mountain's Old Colossus Roller Coaster

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A few weeks ago, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia retired its wooden roller coaster Colossus, which once held the honor of "nation's tallest and fastest wood roller coaster." Fans of the ride had a lot of theories about what would happen to the attraction post-retirement, and now it's clear that they were basically right: according to the Magic Mountain website, Colossus is actually undergoing an incredible metamorphosis that, when finished, will result in a hybrid roller coaster (using iron track inside the original wooden structure) called the Twisted Colossus with lots of crazy-sounding features.

Per Magic Mountain: "Integrated into the beautiful crosshatching of white wood will be intertwined track, steep banks and unrelenting rolls and spirals." Not to spoil your first ride, but the new roller coaster will also have:
· A four-minute ride on close to 5,000 feet of track, making it the "longest hybrid coaster in the world."
· A "High Five" section, where two trains turn while facing each other so closely that it appears as if riders on one track could high five the riders on the other track (they cannot); this will be the first coaster in the Western Hemisphere to have this feature (there's at least one other coaster in China that employs it).
· A "Top Gun Stall," meaning the coaster will slow down while it's upside-down.

The new, hybrid ride is set to open in the spring of 2015, but you can get good and excited from this insane-o video of what the finished thrill ride should look like.

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