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The First Steps in Pershing Square's Less-Concretey Makeover

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It was announced a few days ago that Downtown's awful Pershing Square will be getting a much-needed makeover, starting with $2 million toward immediate and more long-term improvements. Step one, reports the Downtown News, will be to make the park a more suitable place for children to play, instead of to skin their knees and step in dog poop. Pershing's rehab will start with the installation of two playgrounds with climbing gear and slides—one geared toward kids aged two to five at Sixth and Olive and one for 5- to 12-year-olds along Sixth Street.

The playgrounds are expected to break ground in the spring and work will start with the removal of a concrete wall along Sixth Street (to be replaced with fencing), so that people on the street will be able to actually see into the park. Construction will likely take about six months, but as for the complete renovation, there's no budget or timeline quite yet.

The kids' areas will be funded by the $1 million that the Department of Recreation and Parks kicked into the renewal project. (The rest of the million will go toward other short-term upgrades for Pershing; MacFarlane Partners, a developer working on a two-building project nearby, also gave the project $1 million and is leading the Pershing Square Renew task force.)
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Pershing Square

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