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BREAKING: City Denies Permits For Giant DTLA Slip-and-Slide

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GET YOUR CITY COUNCILMEMBER ON THE PHONE. Permits for the giant Downtown Los Angeles slip-and-slide—which was supposed to bring joy to the hearts of anyone willing to pay *at least $20 on September 28—have been denied, according to an email blast from organizers Slide the City: "After tirelessly working with the City over the past 2+ months we received word that our permit is being denied. We have been working even harder over the past few days to resolve any issues the City may have but it appears there is no resolution." All 3,500 tickets were sold out, according to the email, but Slide the City says it will keep working to reschedule the one-day event (they will also offer refunds by request), and in fact they sound a little desperate about it: "Please know that we are at the city offices right now trying everything we can."

Slide the City isn't sure why permits were denied, but shortly after the event was announced, droughtshamers launched a petition calling out the perceived water waste; the waterslide would use 15,000 to 20,000 gallons of water (same as the average pool loses to evaporation every year, but no one's petitioning against those), which StC arranged to have recycled and used in Griffith Park. With such a pricey ticket, Slide the City wasn't exactly CicLAvia or the Endeavour space shuttle journey or the "Levitated Mass" giant boulder saga, but it could've been at least one more chance for some Angelenos to take back a little of their public space from cars and hang out together and have a good time.
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