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Recording Studio Suing CrossFit Gym Over Loud Banging

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How do you know if there's a CrossFit gym next door to you? Oh, don't worry, you'll know. Because it will sound like a barrage of weights and kettlebells hitting the floor all the time. A North Hollywood recording studio called NRG Recording Services has filed a lawsuit alleging that their neighbors, CrossFit gym Synapse Strength and Conditioning, are responsible for a great deal of "banging, dropping and slamming of weights and heavy objects," according to the Daily News, and that these sounds create "intense vibrations, extremely loud sounds and reverberations like shock waves" that people inside the studio can not only hear but feel—which is not great for the process of recording music.

The lawsuit goes on to say that, although the recording studio was designed with some "sound suppression" features to cut down on noise from the nearby Bob Hope Airport, the noise from the gym still booms in the studio, "akin to an explosion." NRG has been operating for about two decades in the spot, and has hosted John Fogerty and Linkin Park; the CrossFit studio opened in early August.
· North Hollywood recording studio suing next-door CrossFit gym for loud noises from dropping of heavy objects [LADN]