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Rent a Guest Studio in Gated Laughlin Park for $1,800

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Los Feliz's ritzy gated community of Laughlin Park has been a haven of the rich and famous since the early 1900s. But here's some good news: you don't have to be a millionaire and/or celebrity, or a wealthy person's live-in nanny/housekeeper, to call the fancy enclave home. Because a 750-square-foot studio on the lower level of of one of Laughlin Park's 60 or so residences is currently up for grabs, according to Craigslist. Per the ad, the guest unit comes with its own entrance, a kitchenette, full bath with tub, built-in storage, sliding glass walls, a bar, what looks like a fireplace, a garden with lower and upper patios, and "magnificent city and canyon views." Monthly rent, including utilities, is $1,800.

· $1800 / 750ft² - Large Private Studio w/Amazing View [Craigslist]