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Stuccofied Mid-Century House by Gregory Ain Asking $669k

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Fetch an umbrella—it's rainin' Ains! Yesterday, we made the acquaintance of one of mid-century architect Gregory Ain's Mar Vista tract houses, which has already gone "sale pending." Now joining the market is a residence from the egalitarian architect's Park Planned Homes tract in Altadena, built in 1948. Regrettably, the years have not been kind to the 1,440-square-foot house—while it still possesses walls of glass and clerestory windows, most of its other original features appear to have been defenestrated out those same windows, or at least stucco-ed over. And the best we can say for its cement yard is that it's drought-tolerant. Sited on a 7,236-square-foot lot, the three-bedroom, two-bath property is listed at $669,000.

· 2852 Highview Avenue [Estately]