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USC-Adjacent Student Housing Outlaws Hearse Parking For Being Too Spooky

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The Lorenzo, the USC-adjacent student housing from fake-Italian-fortress king Geoff Palmer (the Orsini, the Pieros), has decided that it will not allow a disabled resident to use the parking space she's already paid for because her car—a hearse— has been deemed creepy by some of the other residents. Samantha Kinder is studying to be a mortician and has really taken to the trade, not only driving a hearse but also keeping a casket in the back of her car. (You never know when it will come in handy, we guess.) Apparently, this is very hard to swallow for several delicate residents in the complex, who are bothered by the presence of the car, calling it "really scary" and "kinda spooky," reports KTLA.

What's actually pretty unsettling is that Kinder says building management suggested she park her car next door, in the lot for the Orthopaedic Institute for Children. Adults should not be freaked out by a hearse; sick kids, however, are allowed to be. Kinder's family says whatever the reason for prohibiting her to park on-site, it's discrimination and they think they might have grounds for a lawsuit.
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