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Nearly 56 Percent of Los Angeles is Single

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Angelenos looking for love have a lot of options these days, but also a lot of competition. Using Census data, CityLab has run the numbers and found that Los Angeles has the fourth highest percentage of singles (unmarried or divorced) of the 51 largest US metros, at 55.8 percent. That's less than the good-time cities of New Orleans and Miami, but surprisingly more than New York City. (Could this have any connection at all to our previous ranking as the number one city for mistresses seeking rich married guys?) Overall, California is the sixth most single out of all the states, with 53.5 percent of residents unmarried.

For the first time since figures on this sort of thing have been collected, non-married people made up more than half of the adult population of the US, according to a separate study from Bloomberg reported last week (they used figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and found figures similar to CityLab's).

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