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Lots of Upgrades Coming to One of Metro's Busiest Stations

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[Design, renderings via Hodgetts+Fung, JGM]

The beleaguered Willowbrook/Rosa Parks station in South LA, a transfer point for the Blue and Green light rail lines and Metro's fourth-busiest stop overall, just got a serious infusion of federal money that will pay for a whole bunch of improvements (the entire Blue Line is in the midst of a major sprucing up). A $10.25-million grant from the US Department of Transportation will go to lengthening the ground-level Blue Line platform and easing connections to the many bus lines that connect at Willowbrook. Other specifics are elusive, but some money could also go to better lighting for the station—the lower platform sits under the 105 Freeway and the elevated Green Line that runs along it, meaning it's often dimly-lit and slightly menacing. Metro is pursuing more money for even more changes for the station, including a new bus center, sheriff station, and pedestrian plaza (pictured).

The federal grant also includes $11.8 million for the Eastside Access Improvement Project, which will include crosswalks, sidewalks, and bike lanes near the soon-to-be-under-construction Little Tokyo subway station that's part of the Regional Connector project.
· Metro awarded $22 million in two federal TIGER grants to improve station access [The Source]