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14 Amazing Cat Shelters Designed by Los Angeles Architects

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These artful outdoor shelters for cats—all designed by Los Angeles designers and architects—were available for viewing one night only in Culver City this past Wednesday as a benefit for FixNation, a nonprofit working to stem LA's street cat population through humane, non-lethal means. The show, titled Giving Shelter, was organized by Architects for Animals, a group that does events like this across the nation. A rep for the event tells us that after the crowd in attendance on Wednesday voted on designs from Lehrer Architects, HOK, Perkins + Will, and many others, HOK's creation was named the "fan favorite." After looking through the submissions, we think the competition must have been pretty close. *We've added three more images of the designs from Space Int'l., Pfeiffer Partners Architects, and RTKL.

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