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Cornerspotted: Ebell of Los Angeles and Wilshire Ebell Theatre

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Three cheers for PostModJo, who was the first commenter to correctly identify this wonderful and historic compound as the Ebell of Los Angeles and its 1,270-seat Wilshire Ebell Theatre. Designed by architect Sumner P. Hunt (the Bradbury Building, the Southwest Museum), the Italian-Renaissance-style complex includes a "library, art salon, solarium, offices, dressing rooms, exquisite public rooms, gardens, and a collection of fine furnishings and art," according to the LA Conservancy. Since 1927, the Ebell has been the meeting place for the Ebell Club, the women's club that hosted, among other notables, Amelia Earhart. The club is active to this day, and both it and the Wilshire Ebell continue to host events, from The Moth storytelling series to live performances of the animated show Bob's Burgers.