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Take an Insane Tour Through the Insane $85-Million House

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We first saw this insanely bonkers mansion in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago, when it was quietly listed off the open market, but it's not the kind of place that anyone would forget very quickly. (Candy dispensers! Grenade and gun art! Motorcycles in the house!) It's just been officially listed, so we're celebrating by taking a video tour through every absurdly extravagant corner—the candy room, the leopard-print appointed bedrooms, the room with six machine guns and several Patron tequila bottles mounted on the walls—while a mixture of electronic classical music and dubstep swells majestically in the background. The video appears to be marketing the place to super-rich women who want to be able to rendezvous, drink champagne in their infinity pool, rev a Bugatti indoors, and generally enjoy each other's company without any men around. You go, ladies. You go. By the way, that asking price is still $85 million.

1181 N Hillcrest Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 from Tri-Blend Media on Vimeo.

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