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Here Are the "Before" Pics of Reese Witherspoon's New Flip

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Reese Witherspoon, aka Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon, is apparently not abandoning Los Angeles for Nashville, even though she and her husband Jim Toth just bought a fixer-upper in Tennessee and is selling off a compound in Brentwood—Trulia Luxe Living reports she actually just picked up a mansion on .42 acres in Pacific Palisades (she does work here, after all). The seller was architect Ken Ungar, who bought the place in late 2012 for $4.9 million, according to Redfin, and apparently "worked his magic on the property." Since he never officially listed it for sale, we have no idea what that magic might be, but we do know—from these 2012 listing photos—that the house badly needed some variety of witchcraft or sorcery. Whatever it was, it had to have been damn good, because Witherspoon and Toth paid $12.705 million.

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