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The Story of LA's Wild Parrots, Now Invading the Eastish-side

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No one's remaking The Birds, there just a large flock of feral parrots flying over Echo Park and Silver Lake lately, according to Eastsider LA. Reports of the loud creatures place them at Echo Park and Scott Avenues recently, as well as Silver Lake and Sunset Boulevards. Wild parrots are not new to Southern California; there are 13 different species in the greater LA skies. Wild parrots were first spotted in the city in the 1960s, according to the Havasi Wilderness Foundation, possibly thanks to a 1961 Bel Air brush fire, when it's believed many bird-owners released yellow-headed parrots so they could escape the flames.

Another incubator for LA's wild parrots was likely the former Busch Gardens theme park in Van Nuys. The park operated an aviary in the 1960s and '70s, but it shut down in 1979 when the park turned into a full-time brewery. While many parrots were shipped to zoos, it's believed some were set free or managed to escape their cages.
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