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Here's Flea at a Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Meeting

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Hey, here is Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, Los Feliz homeowner (for now), and Silverlake Conservatory of Music cofounder Flea appearing at a meeting of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, which is the funnest neighborhood council in Los Angeles. (There was a motion at a meeting a few months back to have everybody sing "Age of Aquarius." Come on. They're the best.) Flea was speaking on behalf of the Silverlake Conservatory, which wants to build a new permanent home on a site at Santa Monica and Sunset in Sunset Junction that's currently slated for a big mixed-use housing project developed by Frost/Chaddock (one of three they have planned for the immediate area).

The effort, which has spawned a group, seems to be about both creating a new home for the conservatory and scaling back Frost/Chaddock's big plans. A rep for the music school says "A reduced Junction Gateway project would be on a scale much more appropriate for the historic neighborhood. Frost/Chaddock will still make an attractive return on its investment in the property, while the Conservatory would be able to expand its efforts to fill the gap left by massive cuts in arts education in LAUSD." A release adds that "hundreds of supporters" for that plan flooded the neighborhood council meeting last week. F/C has said the site is not for sale.

If you have other photos of celebrities speaking (or even quietly attending) neighborhood council meetings, please send them to us.

[Left: Silverlake Conservatory of Music rendering; right: Frost/Chaddock mixed-user rendering]

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